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Group Reading

Learning to read is one of the most important things in a child's life. I tell children what I told my daughter, "Once you can read you can find out stuff about anything you want to know". By encouraging your child to use various learn to read apps (kids love them) and reading to someone and having someone read to them you will be surprised how quickly they learn. Its the best start you can give them.

So What's Group Reading?

Groups of up to six children of similar reading abilities will stay at home and meet with their friends (or make new ones) and myself via Skype and take it in turns to read to me, a page or two at a time each. Sometimes they will read from a book that I have with me, other times the books will be books they have at home, or ones they have borrowed from the school or town library.

This is the same way they learn to read at school, just more fun!!

 I'm guessing this will prove popular with the reluctant readers as they will get to interact with their school friends while learning. I have a whiteboard and I might do things like pick out some words that rhyme and we'll brainstorm other rhyming words and write them on the board. Hopefully participants will have fun and learn at the same time.