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Homework with Friends

The idea here is to have up to 6 individual children or siblings in their own homes all come together by Skype to do their homework. I will be available to help with anything they ask for help with, but like at school they may just have to wait their turn. I think that the novelty of this way of approaching homework will make home life more pleasant, and give mum or dad time to do something else knowing that their child is in good hands.


Homework can be a battlefield. I want to try and help families to avoid the stress. 

My idea is that most kids probably beg to be allowed to use the computer, so why not let them combine the two? If they can use mum or dad's computer, or their own device, to Skype with someone else to do homework, it stops mum or dad being the bad guy :) 

It also gives them confidence and exposes them to a technology that as they grow up will play an increasing role in their education and their life.

It gives them a chance to interact with their friends after school and learn without having to be chauffeured anywhere.

Lets FARM KIDS catch the school bus home :)