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Oh No Not Maths

Maths can be a bit of a puzzle to young kids, you need to find a way of explaining things so that they understand. This can be a bit hard in a whole classroom full of kids. I have worked one on one with students of very different abilities and it's great when they finally get that look of "WOW I can do it" and are eager to do more. Instead of dreading maths they look forward to it.

FACE TO FACE or SKYPE one on one maths tuition, working on areas identified by yourself and your child's teacher..

Times Tables Terrors

Group Skype Sessions to learn the times tables. You are never too young to gain this valuable knowledge, actually the younger you are the easier it is to learn. Up to 6 individuals or groups, will come together by Skype to get these facts stuck in their heads!! This will be more fun than chanting at school - try it!!

I can order your little one an Our Fishing Shack Cap ($20) as a reward for knowing their tables :)